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My name is Jennifer.
I turned vegan in 2016.

I love fashion, fluffy animals, long sleeps and hot baths. I enjoy the finer things in life but I don't think animals should have to suffer for it. I'm here to share my experiences and tips as a glamorous vegan - without the bloodshed. Hopefully you'll find this website useful as well as entertaining!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the deal with this site?

We at Veganinfo.net are an information based website and survive primarily through affiliate programs. We do not collect payment details or other sensitive data. This website was created to provide practical solutions to vegan related problems. By bringing the most popular and novel vegan products to the public's atttention we are supporting businesses that are in line with our ethics.

Does Veganinfo.net sell it's own products?

Veganinfo.net does not produce or sell it's own products. We are an information only website and are funded through affiliate programs.

How does Veganinfo.net support itself?

We are reliant on affiliate programs. We do not believe in charging people for information . However, by buying via the links on our page, you will be supporting the website and this will not cost you a penny more. If you enjoy using this website then all we ask is that if you see a product you like then to buy via the links on our pages. We appreciate your support. Thank you.

I purchased something through the links but I'm disatisfied with my purchase or sale. Who is responsible?

Firstly, we are sorry to hear about your bad experience. As we do not produce any of the products and not directly involved in the sale we cannot be 100% confident of quality or whether there may be animal derived products involved whether it be in it's processing or packaging. Therefore, we would encourage you to contact the vendor, amazon, ebay etc about your enquiry or complaint. If a product hugely differs from what is advertised or found to contain animal products then please contact us at: veganinfonet@gmail.com and we will happily remove the advert(s) from our page(s).

I saw a product on Veganinfo.net that I believe is not Vegan. Who should I contact?

We do not produce or directly sell any of the products on our website. Therefore we cannot be 100% certain whether all of the items do not contain animal derived products. We try very hard to ensure that any product that makes it's way onto our website meets our high standards and ethics. However, there may be a few mishaps. For example, a seller might introduce silk in their packaging which might not be plainly evident in their advertisement. If you have any reason to believe that any advertised good contains animal products then please do email us at: veganinfonet@gmail.com so that we can investigate for ourselves. If we find that the product is not 100% vegan then the associated advert will be removed immediately. Thank you for your support